Environment: Sanchonet Testnet

Usage: Testing Conway era functionality.

The Sanchonet chain will be rolled back with each new node release for testing new features and fixes. When respun on 2024-07-10 the chain will be restored from slot 26006400. Any Sanchonet chain participants, stakepools, integrators, etc, will need to clear their chain state to re-sync from that point forward.

Epoch length of 1 day. Development flags allowed in configuration files.

Upgrade Strategy: Deploy all nodes with every upgrade request

Responsible: IOG SRE

Accountable: SRE Director

Consulted: Core Tech Head of Product

Informed: Cardano Core Tribe

Configuration files

Compatible with cardano-node pre-release 9.0.0

The non-block-producer node config has `PeerSharing` enabled by
default, so should not be used with block-producers.

Additionally, avoid connecting a block-producer not using p2p to a p2p
PeerSharing enabled relay as the block-producer's IP will be leaked.