Environment: Pre-Production Testnet

Usage: Testing release candidates and mainnet releases. Forks at approximately same time as mainnet (within an epoch of each other).

Long running. Since this parallels mainnet, if a bug occurs here, it needs fixed properly and can not be respun.

Upgrade Strategy:

  • Release Candidates - 1/3 of nodes
  • Official Releases - 2/3 of nodes
  • Hard forks - all nodes
  • Community requested to only deploy release candidates and official releases

Changes Requested by: Release Squad Lead

Approvals Required: SRE Tribe Lead, Cardano Head of Engineering, Cardano Head of Architecture, CF Representative

Responsible: IOG SRE

Accountable: Head of SRE/Release Squad Lead

Consulted: SPOs, IOG Tribes

Informed: Cardano Core Tribe, COO, Director of Engineering, VP Community

Configuration files

Compatible with cardano-node release 9.0.0

The non-block-producer node config has `PeerSharing` enabled by
default, so should not be used with block-producers.

Additionally, avoid connecting a block-producer not using p2p to a p2p
PeerSharing enabled relay as the block-producer's IP will be leaked.